Why we are who we are

Every play has a merit of some sort, and some have far more merit than others.  But what is common to the success or otherwise of all of them in the final analysis is the ratio of bums on seats to production costs.  Squeezed between these costs and ready access to TV and Home Movies, more and more good companies are having to balance precariously between the plays they would like to put on and those that the economic reality of the age determines they have to put on in order to survive.

Back in 2007 The Synergy Theatre Company evolved out of a simple conviction.  There was a way of catering for actors who were looking for the joint goals of challenge and satisfaction. There was also a way of catering for theatre-goers looking for affordable theatre based on an eclectic repertoire.

The basic point of departure is that audiences are intelligent.  All-singing, all-dancing sets and effects are not only becoming prohibitively expensive, they also contain the seeds of a true paradox – the more you present an audience with magnificent detailed sets, the narrower you make the parameters of their imaginations.  It was not for nothing that Rita (in Educating Rita) says of Peer Gynt, when asked by Frank about staging difficulties, says '... put it on the radio!'

We employ an absolute minimum of scenery – leaving you, the audience, with the luxury of filling in your own detailed and ever-changing background as the action unfolds.  We place far more emphasis of what is said, how it is said and why it is said, than the physical context in which it is said.  As a result we are highly mobile, we have attracted a constantly expanding core of good actors looking to hone their talents on good quality plays before informed and discerning audiences.

A perfect Synergy.